Umbrella Movement Art and others at AVA Graduation Show 2015.

We visited this year’s BA Graduation Exhibition of the Hong Kong Baptist University Academy of Visual Arts (AVA)  students.

Let me share my impressions as i found quite a couple of works that made me think and made me glad to see how today’s upcoming fresh minds dealing with the issues around them. Let me highlight the most critical ones. 🙂

Warming-up with a light/cute and humorous one, who offers solutions for common urban/social interaction problems:

dumb_stamp lasergun_earring stunner_spiral


Amongst many interesting works, the one that impressed and educated (!) me the most was the following one by a young local sharp mind, who is definitely aware of the issues of Hong Kong. Who else could have make impact and changes in the present or future if not the ones who are the most frustrated by the ongoing governmental corruption, injustice, cetera?


Szeto Chun Hei
The Same Kind of Rice Provides for Hundred Kinds of People

“The inspiration of this work comes from the Umbrella Movement, which was a protest joined by all walks of life in Hong Kong in 2014, demanding free election and a higher level of democracy. The demonstration awoke about the distorted change of Hong Kong. 

In this work, i tried to redefine the definition of home and criticize this monstrous household.”

The Same Kind Of Rice Provides for Hundred Kinds of People

His works are informing us through clever typography. Minimalist, fine ‘mutations’  in some specific chinese characters which are closely related to some sources of the artist’s frustration and dissatisfaction caused by the wrong direction of local political happenings. In my opinion it’s another well articulated and stylish token of the Umbrella Movement’s collective attitude.

20150621_174254_resize The Same Kind of Rice - description, inspiration

It’s worth to take a few minutes to check these ‘customized’ chinese characters with the artist’s explanation. It lets us to dig into a mind which is facing with daily pulses of the present HKSAR related injustice fabricated by governmental and other controlling powers.

afraid fear centipede fate lonely tolerate

For more info and works can be gathered from the artist here:


An artist “developed” a traditional chinese medicine for Hand, Phone and Mouth Disease. 🙂

20150621_181728_resize 20150621_hand_phone_and_mouth_disease 20150621_182558_resize


Another artist deals with the HK media & politics as well.

20150621_181240_resize 20150621_181345_resize 20150621_181356_resize 20150621_181402_resize 20150621_181408_resize

We have no time and energy to mention all who is worth to be mentioned here. Competition is tight, right? 🙂  All my support to you guys and a wish you to succeed in making great impact and/or positive changes in Hong Kong People’s (and anyone who needs that) mind!

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