Food Photo Equipment

This is the list of my food photo equipment, gadgets, cameras that once helped documenting my food diary project. Many of them served me until their ‘terminal breath’. R.I.P. 🙂

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (again)

status: ACTIVE
2017.01.02 ? –

Samsung Galaxy S4

status: ACTIVE
2015.09.20 ? –

Nikon D750

status: ACTIVE
2015.08.14 ? –

samsung_note_4_155px1 Samsung Galaxy Note 4

status: INACTIVE
2015.01.02 -2015.09.01.
got stolen on the tram, Budapest

coolpad_F1_155px1 Coolpad F1

status: INACTIVE
2014.04.17 -2015.01.02.
substituted by higher performance phone (then lost)

samsung_galaxy_s2_155px1 Samsung Galaxy S2

status: INACTIVE
2013.02.04 -2014.04.14.
screen accidentally smashed by my knee in the bed 🙂 (Shanghai)

iphone_4s_black_155px1 Iphone 4S

status: INACTIVE
2011.12.18 -2012.06.12.
lost after a heavy party-night in Budapest (palinka overtake)

Olympus 850SW

status: INACTIVE
2009.01.16 –
multiple zoom & exposure failure

status: INACTIVE

2008.04.04 – 2009.02.01.
(for measuring the weight of all my eaten food – 1 year long project)

Sony Ericsson k800i

status: INACTIVE
2008.01.17 –

Digital Price Computing Scale

status: INACTIVE
2007.11.10 – 2008.04.04.

Sony Ericsson k600i

status: INACTIVE
2006.09.30 – 2007.10.23.
drawn into rainwater in my pocket.water (i bicycled in heavy rain)

Olympus 600

status: INACTIVE
2005.12.24 – 2008.09.10.
(?)Zoom ERROR. Expired warranty.
Service times: 2
Photos taken approx.: ~105.813


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