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Full chart of annual food intake in 2016 by Iwan Wilaga

W’s personal food intake in 2016.

As 2016. the year of monkey passed, here is my annual personal food intake statistics of all the food and drinks i consumed during this crazy but great year. Let’s say it is 99% punctual. I revised all my meals and beverage photos to input the figures into this chart one […]

When i throw out a reusable paper, i feel that i throw a grenade on the rainforests. Infographics by iwanwilaga.com

Grenade on the rainforest

There is a quite spectacular OCD* disease named Compulsive Hoarding . The main sympthom of it, that the victim simply cannot throw out / get rid of any object, which is normally not necessary anymore. So the things, (mainly rubbish) are slowly accumulate at the living place of the patient.. […]