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Full chart of annual food intake in 2016 by Iwan Wilaga

W’s personal food intake in 2016.

As 2016. the year of monkey passed, here is my annual personal food intake statistics of all the food and drinks i consumed during this crazy but great year. Let’s say it is 99% punctual. I revised all my meals and beverage photos to input the figures into this chart one […]

Blood donation in Hong Kong – EPIC FAIL

On World Blood Donor Day.. Today is the official World Blood Donor Day, which is inspiring enough, so i decided to grab my sweet people: Katherine from Hong Kong and Ollie the Aussie Brother and go check how is the blood donation in Hong Kong for foreigners is happening in this special day. […]

Gota Birthday 30

At any event, by taking pictures only about the meals consumed there and that time, we can get a -at least – rough characteristics of the whole atmosphere.. Food cooked by a specific person works like an individual ID-card. In my eyes. Leastwise.