JH100 Project

In 2009 i  set a goal : getting up to the top of János-hill (~552m high) at least 100 times until the 31th of December. It’s a kind of pilgrimage, challenge and relaxation for me on the same time. I took a photo at the top every time.

100 times a year means every 3rd day i have to climb up. The overall distance is 3km from my home to the top of the watchout tower of Jánoshegy. So it’s 6 km every time. And 382 meters vertical distance. I count one climbing-up as 1% of the project. So it ended, when i collected all the 100%.

I took a photo at the top of the lookout tower every time. From the same viewpoint every time (like Harvey Keiter in the film titled: “Smoke” (1995) as the owner of a small cigar store in Brooklyn, has taken one photograph a day from the street corner outside his store every day for the past 14 years. “People say you have to travel to see the world,” Auggie says. “Sometimes I think that if you just stay in one place and keep your eyes open, you’re going to see just about all that you can handle.” When a friend comments that all the snapshots look alike, Auggie points out the differences: the light, the season, and the look on people’s faces. It’s all a matter of slowing down, Auggie says, and appreciating people for their individuality)

Below you can see, how many faces & atmospheres a ‘simple’ location can have:

100 photos from the peak of János Hill in 2009.
100 photos of the 100 climb-ups. (ok, 2 photos lost..)

At the end of the entire project i calculated out, that the distance i walked, and climbed i equals to the things below:

JH100 project walk and climb stats
JH100 project walking and climbing stats

The 100th pilgrimage towards the top of the János hill, i walked not alone, but with a team of friends / supporters of the main idea. Altough the temperature was far beyond zero, the team has succeeded with getting up to the top. At the end (as a reward (beside the mulled-wine portions), we catched the sunshine through the fog, from the top of the lookout tower.)

As a crown on the Project, my good friends used themelves for writing out the “100%” for me. By creating a fine & special “human live-typo:

Human-typo about the 100th climb-up. 100% accomplished!
Friend-typo “100%”, Accomplished! (2009.12.20)

And we repeated it in 2011 as well.. seems it has became a tradition..:

"100.1"-th climb-up. The tradition continues..
“100.1”-th climb-up Accomplished 😉 (2011.01.02.)
Official poster for the closing event of Project-JH100.
The official poster of the Project

The same place, the same route every time, but you never find it the same at all. Unique experience. I encourage you to try it out.

…to achieve your Personal Pilgrimage.



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