Grenade on the rainforest

There is a quite spectacular OCD* disease named Compulsive Hoarding . The main sympthom of it, that the victim simply cannot throw out / get rid of any object, which is normally not necessary anymore. So the things, (mainly rubbish) are slowly accumulate at the living place of the patient..

*:obsessive-compulsive disorder

There are different levels of this disease:

A kitchen owercrowded by pizza boxes versus a shopping bag filled with reuseable paper sheets

The results of this behaviour are truly frightening – sometimes kind of artisticly spectacular (with a little pinch of irony).

Why i deal with this phenomenon anyway? Cause i realized, that i may be related to this kind of behaviour in a way. Fortunately not at that hardcore level ;). In fact for several years i often preserve and collect all kind of papers, sheets which has any remained empty surface on them to draw or write! That’s what you can see on the right picture above. The left picture is NOT MY ONE ;). It taken somewhere in the U.S. i guess (this disease may affect up to 2 million people in the United States).

I simply feel awful, and kind of defeated when i have to throw out any paper with only 1 page filled out. So mostly i manage to avoid these situations somehow. To go further, i feel the same every time, when a toilet paper roll is finished. I don’t throw the roll out, instead i cut it with scissors and put it to the “paper repository” (right pic above again) which is a simple shopping bag fully filled with papers. From faulty printed office papers, to corn-flake boxes, pasta-, rice packets(inside of them is empty, so i used to unfold / lay out them), toilet-rolls..

The evolution of making an emtpy toilet paper roll to a fine piece of sketch paper
I collect them for about 5 years. Since  “occuppied”  my university dorm room, and i started to be a conscious consumer or something like that.  For me it’s a pleasure to draw sketches, graphics, plans, thoughts  on them with my black brush-pen / marker. I feel, i do a bit of redemption/adonement to the nature with this gesture. It’s one of the best feelings i know. It’s amongst the top 10 feelings i know ;).

Thats what i feel when i throw out or destroy a reusable paper:

When i throw out a reusable paper, i feel that i throw a grenade on the rainforests. Infographics by
If this post has motivated at least 1 reader,  it worth to do it!

Here are some cool ideas of using toilet paper rolls for different things 😉 And here is some hot ART..

(note: the illustrations of this post are draw onto toilet-paper rolls, and rice-box insides)

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