iwan ate it

All the food that iwan ate. (based on his life-long food-photo project. “Thank You For My Daily Food”

Self trackers: Eight Personal Tales of Journeys in Life-logging

The  first book  got released ..about my yet 10+ years uninterrupted life-long daily food photo diary project. Together with 7 other ‘artists’, talented self-tracker mates we share our unique stories. Practices, research, thoughts, analysis, feelings, conclusion about our unorthodox (some would call ‘weirdo’ 😉 self inspection behavior and the extraordinary journey we […]

Full chart of annual food intake in 2016 by Iwan Wilaga

W’s personal food intake in 2016.

As 2016. the year of monkey passed, here is my annual personal food intake statistics of all the food and drinks i consumed during this crazy but great year. Let’s say it is 99% punctual. I revised all my meals and beverage photos to input the figures into this chart one […]

Easter menus consumed by iwan between the year of 2006. and 2012.

Easter Menu (and behind that..)

Why i think, Easter-breakfast worth a blog post? If you are an atheist.. ..and don’t deal with the celebration of Christ’s resurrection at all, ..never mind, you may even find it a tasty meal, which you eat once a year, out of sheer habit. No question, the yearly basis might […]