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Iwan Wilaga (born Viktor Borítás) is a Hungarian individual, conceptual artist, model, freelancer photographer (alias Wiktor Water since in Asia), website builder mainly living and experimenting in Guangzhou (mainland China) Hong Kong and/or Hungary.

Iwan definitely treats his own Life as a time-canvas, which can be populated by some meaningful and/or hopefully artistic activities through several life-styles and disciplines he sets up for himself time to time.

Graduated in 2010 at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest at visual communication department as MA media-design artist. Later on extended his experiences by woring at Budapest downtown gold trading firm. In 2013 summer he jumped to Shanghai to start modeling. Meanwhile started to deal with web-design and SEO more deeply, yet since doing it as a freelancer. Getting more and more passionate about doing life on Purpose, constantly seeking for the most true, useful and joyful project to found or join to.

Iwan takes a photo of every piece of food and drink he consumes – as a thanksgiving ritual – since 2006, through his remaining Lifetime. He contributes this act for all the people who cannot do the same because of the lack of camera or ..FOOD. Or both. For all the rest, just to let them contemplating about real values in Life. Read more about this project (Thank You For My Daily Food project).

A few things that describe iwanwilaga
A few things that describes iwanwilaga (anno 2011.)

Major Interests  (excerpt from a really long list..)

Self-documenting lifestyle, FLOW, human mind, kid’s ideas, ART, education, self-improvement, calisthenics, sustainability, zero-waste, alternative+effective language learning/teaching methods, TED.com, Couchsurfing.org, ancient cultures & philosophies,  data-visualization, time & task-management, sauna-culture, performance-hiking, uphill-running, kutedo-ryu kempo (martial arts), dietetics, surviving, all kinds of games ( also old-school computer/DOS games, business simulations, tycoon series, civilization series, etc.)


To find out more details, please continue at my Q&A and Philosophy page.

Iwan constantly tries to Live by celebrating and respecting all the happenings in Life, and trying to keep himself as much open-minded as it possible. Iwan learnt a lot from Gary Vaynerchuck on only dealing with things which you really like (to do). With obsession, with FLOW. Being opened for new people, new places (Couchsurfing), new skills, new ideas, ingenious thoughts (TED.com). Learnt from Francis of Assisi, Gandhi, Pope John Paul II, and some others, that not only the bad guys who rocks. Learnt from the native americans, the japanese people,  and some others and by doing full day “performance-hikings” that to live with the nature, and treat it as an equal partner is not only a good deal to survive, but the only option.

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