Month: June 2015

Evian, true water, my friend?

Water is irreplaceable Water is a definite building source of us (~65% of human body) thus a source of Life, probably no one would start a debate with me over this, right? As our Globe is getting more and more polluted, water quantity and quality is apparently getting more and more important […]

Blood donation in Hong Kong – EPIC FAIL

On World Blood Donor Day.. Today is the official World Blood Donor Day, which is inspiring enough, so i decided to grab my sweet people: Katherine from Hong Kong and Ollie the Aussie Brother and go check how is the blood donation in Hong Kong for foreigners is happening in this special day. […]

Let’s Love Lamma Island!

Lamma Island (南丫島) is a 20 minutes spectacular ferry trip away from Hong Kong Central pier, which in fact is a pretty hilarious and lucky thing, i can say! The place that made me start to change my overall feeling about Hong Kong as a whole. It is the second face of […]