Evian, true water, my friend?

Water is irreplaceable

Water is a definite building source of us (~65% of human body) thus a source of Life, probably no one would start a debate with me over this, right?
As our Globe is getting more and more polluted, water quantity and quality is apparently getting more and more important to us. It’s another sad, indisputable fact. I just watch, how all of us slowly become aware of water-quality’s importance in our daily life.

picture source: http://bbs.boingboing.net/t/co-town-without-water-12-days-and-counting/59542/19

image source: http://bbs.boingboing.net/t/co-town-without-water-12-days-and-counting/59542/19

(badass) environmental Dependency

Let’s take my example: yet i live in Hong Kong, before i lived in Shanghai. Both are huge metropolis, not the cleanest parts of the Earth, right? Right. Hong Kong government usually states, the city’s tap water has an outstanding quality. Yes, i can believe, Hong Kong’s water-treatment system does a really careful and pro job. However.. we can find facts about the real worries based on the rusty and “ancient” waterpipe / distribution system. Some article – i just linked one sentence ago – is more than 15 year old, but i don’t think the situation changed significantly since then. Please correct me (with a comment) if i’m wrong!
That’s a sure “pain in the ass”, because it seems to be a massively slow, laggy process to “refresh” the system. I’m not sure there is capacity for that at all.
Time is working against “us”.

Hunting, Collecting..

I believe i can adapt to most of my new environments sort of successfully (without feeling significant inconvenience on the long term) because i try to collect the most proper sources of the important food, drinks, building-blocks, nutrients, vitamins, lifestyle, wherever i am. It is a bit like going back to the prehistoric times, before humankind started to deal with agriculture, and was solely dependent on hunting and collecting. Most of us definitely doing this day by day. If we do it with FULL AWARENESS, we make a huge difference, and can greatly reduce the violation and inbalance to which our body (so thus our Mind and Soul) is exposed to by default.


I deal more and more with the quality of Water i drink and OF COURSE have doubts about the information provided on the water bottles (just as about information provided everywhere else ;P ). Let’s take an example: I caught myself buying EVIAN water more and more often, since i tried it and i definitely felt the difference in taste comparing to other popular bottled waters (later i explain the difference in details). In Hong Kong, nowadays Evian and Volvic are the more
expensive, kinda “premium” bottled waters that we can find almost in “every corner”, at every convenience store. So for sure i started to google about them to see what (other people think & write) i get for my hard cash (30$ Hong Kong Dollar / 1,5L bottle = almost 4 USD = 3,5 Euro) .
The price difference is about 7 HK dollars between Evian(30$) and Volvic(23$), but after i made my strict “taste-comparison” at same (cold) temperature, Evian turned out to be the winner to me.



W’s Evian inspection

In the next step i hit up google, and took a re-search on the topic. It took a few days. At least 20 hours net time of read and note. 😉 It was hard to stop it. I found opinions, analysis from both sides, hot and cold.. Then i put all onto my scale (scale of logic and instinct) and the final output, my overall feeling about this water is still: rather worth to buy Evian, than not.
SO, at this moment i am relaxed to encourage you to save up heavy bucks for it. 😉
Warning: /Unfortunately/ this is not a paid product advertisement. 😉

Here we go with the details of my “hobby-inspection” process:

If the ingredient label is true..

The contents of Evian Bottled Spring Water

As i learnt so far, the main point that makes the Evian slightly better than other bottled-water products in HK-convenience stores nowadays is it’s high volume of minerals and proper pH-value:

The taste and “mouthfeel” of water is affected significantly by two main factors: total dissolved solids (calcium, magnesium, fluoride, silica etc), and pH (acidity). Every spring-water has a different cocktail of dissolved solids. And most are close to neutral pH. Human fluids are around 7.4 pH. Evian is 7.2, filtered (distilled) waters around 5.5, and tap water is often near 8 to protect city piping systems from acidic-water damage.

Acidic water will taste crisp and clean, but tooth enamel degrades at pH 5.5, so the mouthfeel will be rough. High pH waters will taste “flat,” and balanced waters will taste “smooth,” because the pH is close to the same level as your mouth.

The mineral content affects taste as well; Evian contains about 15% of your daily calcium needs if you drink two liters per day. Calcium creates a somewhat “milky” flavor, which contributes to its smooth character. (W: Here let me note that the highest calcium-content bottled water is Acqua Della Madonna with 288mg/L, second highest is Badoit with 190mg/litre (According to my latest Google findings). Daily adult calcium requirement is about 800-1000 mg)

Evian is one of the few waters in mass distribution that meets the World Health Organization standards for drinking water quality, which states that water should have 200-400 ppm dissolved solids, a pH near 7.0, calcium of 60-80 ppm, and magnesium levels of 20-40 ppm.”  Replied ‘Lyric Duveyoung, Mad scientist.’ on a relevant Quora.com question.

ok.., that all sounds dope, but how can we be sure that it’s really true?

Here comes the tricky part. First let us try to prove that the whole Evian quality-thing is false and worthless. Here is a valuable -and on top of that, funny- article about an investigate project where a team set-out straight to visit the claimed source of Evian spring-water: Évian Les Bains area, France, they sniffed around, whether they find anything weird about Evian there.

source: http://en.rocketnews24.com/2012/06/18/are-the-people-of-evian-naive-enough-to-buy-evian-bottled-water-we-investigate/

source: http://en.rocketnews24.com/2012/06/18/are-the-people-of-evian-naive-enough-to-buy-evian-bottled-water-we-investigate/

The main interest of the “expedition team” was that if the Evian high quality spring water is available to everyone, free of charge, anytime from the local drinking fountains for the whole local population, (“do people in Evian drink Evian?”)  why many of them still buy it from the local stores instead of just collecting to containers from the fountains?!

The answer:
Usually I just get it out of the spring but it seems like some people buy it. In my case, I don’t like tap water. So, sometimes I buy it if I’m too lazy or it’s too far to get it from the spring. My friends are like that too.” says a local hotel staff member.

A cashier at a local supermarket gives a different viewpont, “I buy it because it’s only 50 cents. There really aren’t that many people who get from the spring though. We also sell Volvic. [laughs]

So free water is flowing 24/7 all over Evian, but is it really Evian water?
It’s all coming off the same flow of water from “the heart of the alps”, but the places that town folk collect their water are not the same places the bottler uses.  Therefore it’s likely that the water is of at least a similar quality, but difficult to say if it’s exacltly the same.” writes the author of the article.

Evian Les Bains spring water fountain

source: http://en.rocketnews24.com/2012/06/18/are-the-people-of-evian-naive-enough-to-buy-evian-bottled-water-we-investigate/

This report somewhat released my skepticism, since at least it let me see that the resource-area exists. That’s already a remarkable step forward in today’s chaotic galaxy of well crafted fake-stories and never existing famous persons and places in contribution to invent and produce “top-quality”, “world-class”, “unique” and “premium” etc. products for hundreds or thousand years.. . .  .    .

The factory Exists (‘Good job, guys’)

After a half minute google search i found the address of the Evian bottling plant, anyone can book a visit it from May to September (who comes with me?:)  that makes it clear that the factory is there which makes me even more relaxed at the moment. It’s hard to imagine that the factory stands on the leg of the alps and they import water to bottle from a random, far-away polluted area. Doesn’t sound a cost-effective and logical idea, however it would be a hilarious hack (we already know enough examples..).

The Evian® water bottling factory – Amphion

“The birthplace of the world’s most popular mineral water. Discover the entire bottling process. Located in Amphion, the Evian bottling plant welcomes visitors. Following a historical and geological video presentation, the visit continues on to a glass gallery that allows visitors to observe the complete bottling process: manufacturing of the bottles, racking, conditioning and shipping.

Group visits: from Monday to Friday, at 9 and 10:30 AM and 2 and 3:30 PM, reservations required. Tel: +33 (0)4 50 84 83 23. Free.
Individual visits: from June to September. Reservations required at the Evian Mineral Waters Ltd information hall in Rue Nationale. Tel: +33 (0)4 50 84 80 29. Free visit. €2 fee for the bus transfer / Free for children under 12 years of age.”

Evian bottling factory map between Thonon and Evian

Right on the alps, at French-Swiss borderline. source: http://travel.michelin.com/web/destination/France-French_Alps-Amphion_les_Bains/tourist_site-Evian_water_bottling_plant-r_Nationale

Well done, my next Evian based article i will post right from the core of that Factory.

Some interesting facts against Evian

Evian – Naive

First of all, there are hundreds of comments from people who successfully “explored” the “hidden message” by spelling backwards the name Evian is: “Naive”..

here is an example:
“evian” is “naive” spelled backwards. Water is water, and unless it can produce any kind of scientifically verifiable health benefits, water is water is water.”(http://www.mydiet.com/6-lies-you-always-believed-about-bottled-water/)

Even the third party retailer caught some ‘lucrative’ opportunities on this business:

naive snapback capaddress

“Naive” T-shirt and cap. If you want them so much, you can just buy it from here..


Again, it’s good to know, that Evian is the name of the place where the water is reaching the surface, so there is low chance for tricky-wicky game with words to make fun of the masses of “stupid posh consumers”.

China rejected Evian from it’s market

In 2011 400+ imported food and cosmetic items declared substandard by chinese foodquality authorities. (full article about this you find here)

Evian bottled water was a marketing disaster when it was introduced in China about 3 years ago. Evian has since pulled out of China entirely (W’s edit: because of “too much nitrites in it”). A bottle of Evian was 25 yuan (US$3.60) while local bottled water was 1 to 2 yuan (US$0.15 to $0.30). No one bought the Evian because Chinese people aren’t stupid.”  (full article: Yahoo Answers)


opinions pro and contra – but more ..pro

Hundreds of opinions with and against every bottled water brands, however i found the Evian liker’s opinion far more scientifically profound and mature than the “spitters’, anti-Evianists’ judgements.

check this:
“I can’t decide whether it’s funny or sad that people think bottled water is healthier than tap water. Most bottled water IS tap water, and contains more harmful substances because of flimsy regulation (and even worse enforcement). They all claim to use fresh mountain spring water, but they’re just filling bottles from a municipal tap. But feel free to spend several thousand percent more on your water, for nothing special.”

Your half right. SOME bottled water is bad. Like Aquafina, Dasani, and other cheap waters. But Evian is in the top 5 best drinking water in the world. Tap water is terrible compared to it. Google tap water catching fire if you don’t believe me. Have you even tried Evian before? After reading your comment, I get the feeling you havnt. (read the full discussion here:  This website has quite many Evian enthusiast comments though.)

+ found more than plenty of Evian-praising comments from still the same website:

“Evian is the best water I have ever drinked. Tap water is nothing like Evian.”

“Great article.. I never knew Evian was an actual place.. I’m so dedicated to that water.”

“Ive been drinking two 2 liters of Evian a day for a little over a year now. I couldnt live without it. If i had one thing to drink for the rest of my life, it would definitely be Evian.”

even some extreme ones:

“well it sure seems that i have tried every bottled water and now i am so sensitive that in less than a day of drinking anything but evian i’m running to the bathroom every 5 minutes as well as a major burn during urination and in the vulva area. now i am trying to figure out what i will do during airport travel days. guess just not drinking anything which isn’t good either but better than the burn. i am talking with our grocer in costa rica and trying to get a case of 24 large bottles each month, large bottles. maybe this is an option for those of you who cannot find it regularly. it is expensive but what can i do? i just give up buying something else. “

hm.., one more:

“Evian water has given me a perfect month. I’ve drunk no other water but Evian during this period and I feel like a normal person again. No burning urine, no urgency or frequency no need for urogenital gel of any kind. I’m at peace.
I feel as if its my best friend and I’ll never drink another water again.
I thank the ICN for tipping me off to it just a few weeks ago.”
(source of the comments and article: here)

Some article against bottled waters as a whole.

blind taste tests

There are many of them, i show one here:
Evian sorta failed at taste-test conducted by a New York based team. It resulted that the 10 types of water they tried all had better overall taste then Evian. Even U.S. tap and filtered water scored higher points. Personally i can’t get it. I never tasted NYC tap water, but maybe i should then. One thing i’m sure about: Evian probably beat the Hong Kong tap water ..both in taste and ingredients. Please, kick my ass hard (= leave your comment below) if you think i fool you.
(here you read the article from beginning. And the part for Evian. )


by the way, the claimed history of evian:

In 1789 during a walk, the Marquis of Lessert drank water from the Sainte Catherine spring on the land of a M. Cachat. The marquis, who was allegedly suffering from kidney and liver problems, drank the water regularly while he walked, and claimed that his health improved. Encouraged by Lessert’s advocacy of the ‘miraculous’ water, local doctors began to prescribe it as a health remedy. In response to the growing success of the water, M. Cachat fenced off his spring and began selling the water. (source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Evian#History)


W’s final conclusion on all these

At he moment i feel convinced that drinking Evian is better to me than not doing that. Feel free to make your own decision and further research. I hope i helped and motivated you about your life-awareness and importance of our water quality.

Here is a good brief summary about the different categories of bottled-water.

Later i will come up with further inspections, probably continuing the list with some great (and mostly unexposed) Hungarian mineral waters..


 If you have anything to add, ideas, impressions, correction, constructive critics, please feel free to add it as a comment right now!

Blood donation in Hong Kong – EPIC FAIL

On World Blood Donor Day..

Today is the official World Blood Donor Day, which is inspiring enough, so i decided to grab my sweet people: Katherine from Hong Kong and Ollie the Aussie Brother and go check how is the blood donation in Hong Kong for foreigners is happening in this special day.

First we went to the Hong Kong Polytechnic University Blood Center but we got no welcome there at all. There was no one there to welcome us. We got surprised by the GHOSTED, PERFECTLY EMPTY clinics building despite of they told me a few days before that “Sure, you can come on Sunday, sure, it will be the special World Blood Donor Day, so we may be crowded, but you just dress in red and you even will get some gifts!” Yeah, i took my only one red t-shirt but we got no gift, but got surprised FOR SURE……….. At least we managed to shoot some reasonable Rock N Roll photos in the stunning campus park. YO! No destination without Purpose! XD

First we went to the Hong Kong Polytechnic University Campus to do the blood donation, but we got surprised by the GHOSTED, PERFECTLY EMPTY clinic building despite of they told me a few days before that "Sure, you can come on Sunday, sure, it will be the special World Blood Donor Day, so we may be crowded, but you just dress in red and you even will get some gifts!" Yeah, We got no gift, but got surprise FOR SURE........... At least we managed to shoot some reasonable Rock N Roll photos in the stunning campus park. YO! No destination without Purpose! XD

W’s Air Guitar Solo in HK Poly Uni campus garden. F-YEAH !


Okay.. let’s try Causeway Bay then..

Straight after that we headed into the Hong Kong Causeway Bay Blood Donation Center to give the second chance. We arrived around noon and it was packed with filipino, other indonesian and local people, which was quite elevating to see!

HK Causeway Blood Donation center 2015-06-14

Causeway Bay Blood Donor Centre at full capacity

After i filled out the forms, we waited around 30-40 minutes to get to the blood check table, had a brief basic fun chat with the nurse about blood donating in other countries (she asked: “is there this kind of blood check before donating in your country too?”… :)  for that moment i felt like Europe is kinda slipping down straight back to the ‘Third World category. 😛 )

W and Olie Bro at Blood Donation

Yet with full confidence in that we will get ‘harvested’ very soon..

After it  followed by another waiting period i got into the doctor’s check-room, where she suddenly realized that i am not allowed to donate blood because the fact that i spent more than 5 cumulative years in Europe. According to the fear of “Mad-Cow” disease or SARS, etc. can hit back again, Hong Kong and some other countries adopted the Overseas Travel Deferral Criteria to try to protect their patient population from infections. Then NO ONE can donate blood in Hong Kong SAR who “meet” this ‘5 year Europe’ criteria. That’s sad, BUT i can respect, since they face enough challenges to keep Hong Kong out of any epidemic breakout. The rate of the precaution cannot be high enough.

Summary of the day:

If i want to keep my Blooderhood project running on track, i need to find another country nearby where i allowed to donate or just need to fly back to Hungary every 2 month to donate it, ahaha..  At least i should get the Hungarian Red Cross organization as a sponsor for that..  😛 

Let’s Love Lamma Island!

Lamma Island (南丫島) is a 20 minutes spectacular ferry trip away from Hong Kong Central pier, which in fact is a pretty hilarious and lucky thing, i can say! The place that made me start to change my overall feeling about Hong Kong as a whole. It is the second face of the city that i met first a few years ago (..and shortly made great and long lasting friendship with). Yes, if a metropolis has island and beach only half an hour reach from the downtown, that’s something that is better to be appreciated properly and better to be declared simply “A-some” 😉 ! Actually, these extended features made Hong Kong a really Rock N Roll place in my eyes..

An absolute contrast, we cannot expect other. It’s something like if they would have pulled Hawaii straight to the shores of San Francisco or NYC.. or Okinawa as a District of Tokyo.

Leaving HK Island behind for Good. LEt's see what we will get in the next 24 hours..

Leaving HK Island behind for Good. Let’s see what we get in the next 24 hours..

Lamma has it’s own rhythm, rules and human subspecies (besides many other creatures..) In the first minute as we departed from the ferry at Yung Shue Wan village’s pier, the pace of life slowed down,.. no rush, no push. Chill! Take your time, take your steps. One step at a time.. About hundred people floating out from the ferry, marching slowly, just like when approaching the altar on the most important day.. :)

I spotted a group of people with hair length about more than 1 meter per each. They were marching gently, with fans, like someone who is absolutely timeless. Time is not a factor. Time is not in control. Time is to be controlled. I loved the idea and as not overtaking them, i had enough time to think about how and when to interrupt them with my tourist photo request.

The hilarious and mysterious (just as Lamma itself) LongHair™ Family

The hilarious and mysterious (just as Lamma itself) LongHair™ Family at a well lit seafood restaurant (around 10pm )

It turned out they are incredibly relaxed and friendly people, after the photo session we had a great chat right on the spot for at least 20 minutes. Although (or because of? 😉 they kept staying somewhat mysterious, they managed to warm up my soul and mind about every single substance in and on Lamma Island! Living here for couple of years inevitably change the personality. It was obvious at the first moments. Feels like arriving to Hawaii, or Indonesia, whatever. But for heaven’s sake we are only 20 minutes from Hong Kong Central, Yo!   Well, later i was thinking about whether it is possible to live on Lamma Island, wake up every morning with the Sunrise & coffee (or taking whatever unique Lamma-produced ‘steroids’ :) then get on shirt and suit blazer and head towards the Central or Admiralty with the morning ferry, then take your seat at your cubicle in the stock market or let’s say property / advertisement company and rush through the whole day, then around 8, 10, 11 pm switch back from high- to low frequency and reach the shores of Lamma again welcomed by night stars and the symphony of the sea and the local insect orchestra all around the nearby forests and hills..    Probably. I should try. Hah, yeah for sure! :)

Killing our welcome beers around midnight. We only have 4-5 hours to sleep, since we plan to wake up and go out to hunt the Sunrise..

Killing our welcome beers at 22:47. We only have 4-5 hours to sleep, since we plan to wake up and go out to hunt the Sunrise..

Waking up was successful, YO, so we are ready to explore the morning Lamma. First mission objective: Get to see the sunrise. Hurry up! Action. We are already in rush..   Rush in Lamma!?  Hmm, then veeery long way to become a proper (King of Time) Lamma-ese.

Well, as we didnt manage to explicitly see the sunrise, we managed to get a deeper into the stomach of the island and village.

Norther Lamma (i)s (h)cool. By running towards the light and away from the army of mosqitos we bumped into the entrance of the local School.

Northern Lamma (i)s (h)cool. By running towards the light and away from the army of mosqitos we bumped into the entrance of the local School. I found this situation Cool. (5:22am)

The Sun was faster than we expected. Since we had been sleepier than anyone else would expect that. So the Sun was up, but we just continued our expedition.

Morning lights. Not from the Sun.

Morning lights. Yet not all from the Sun.


The different ‘sectors’ titled different Villages, which is interesting. Everything is more packed and compressed on an island. So the distances. There was maybe 2-3 minutes walking between two ‘Villages’.

After a few minutes ( Lammaian few minutes = few hours at everywhere else :)
We started to get out of the residental area.

SLOW Life is not LOW life!

SLOW Life is not LOW life!

Quite proper environment for hiking To explore the whole island can take 1 or 2 days.  (5;36am)

Quite proper environment for hiking. To properly explore the whole island can take 1 or 2 days. (5;36am)

We found ourselves on a wide and ghosted road. For which kind of vehicles? Since there is no car on the island. (next time i might go for a special journey to find 1 piece of car hidden (totally illegally) somewhere in Lamma island. :)

CH 300M. Not sure about what does it mark and mean. Can someone help?  -China 300 Million -Chemicals 300 meters -Chill Boom -etc ? :)

CH 300M. Not sure about what does it mark and mean. Can someone help?
-China 300 Million
-Chemicals 300 meters
-Chill Boom
-etc ? :)

After a 15 minute walk we reached the dead-end spot. Closed, CCTV monitored gate of the Power Plant.

Lamma Island Power Station南丫發電廠  The Dramatic Shot ..:)

Lamma Island Power Station南丫發電廠 The Dramatic Shot ..:)

Here this part of the journey is ended. Since i don't like to interact with the local Security and Police forces before breakfast, we postponed the intrusion into the CCTV monitored area of the Power Plant. Maybe coming up next time! (05:47am)

Here the first stage of the journey is ended. (05;47am). Since prior to breakfast i don’t like to interact with the local Security and Police forces, we postponed our intrusion into the CCTV monitored area of the Power Plant. Maybe coming up at our next time, when our Lamma visit won’t be this Lame! ;)

Turn back, let’s see the next face of our good old Lamma!

We definitely felt ourselves in Jurassic Park. Insane Jungle back to the VIllage area from the Power Plant.

We definitely felt ourselves in Jurassic Park. Insane Jungle back to the village area from the power plant.

Back on our way towards the opposite direction soon we passed by a residental development area.

According to Wikipedia: “Lamma has an estimated population of 6,050 people. However, with future developments such as a planned beach community in Sok Kwu Wan the population capacity is expected to double to 11,000 residents.”  

So maybe it’s time to invest now, before its too late and Lamma becomes the next Hong Kong Island! :)

Lamma Property Bubble :)

The Lamma Property Bubble :)


Ille(g)al Tree Felling. Taste of the unique Lamma’ese english (Lammanglish?) Anyways, i can imagine that quite a diverse palette of crime activities the Lammaese Police need to face day by day.

Pipipooo, a local Lammaese inhabitant, Maybe even aboriginal, indigenous local since several generations? :)

‘Pipipoooo’, a local inhabitant, Maybe even aboriginal, indigenous native Lammaese one since several generations? :)


Properly maintaned ‘villa’-s all over the island. The positive vibes and energy of island life leave it’s marks on every corner of Lamma. At least that was my (naive?) impression as an alien observer.

fluting girl at full moon under the tree

Not a surprise that notable amount of locals pursue some religion or belief opposed to Hong Kong city, where still the biggest God is the numbers, digits, paper and copper pieces, shiny metals, glass, rubber, chrome, leather, gold, marble and the glorious Concrete..

Back in the village we found several outdated, retired piece of ads, proving the good old fact that small islands tend to be legit time-capsules..

Time capsule advertisements

Local platforms of creative social and viral media advertisements, campaigns :)

devastated washing machine ad

Hopefully it found it’s new owner before the ‘expiration’ of it’s ‘display quota’ ;)

Relieve Joint Pain Smart Exercise Lamma Island poster ad

Lamma is a great adventure for any entrepreneurs who want to kick-off and test a service / venture in small-scale before adapting it to the bigger Island..


Photography is semi-permitted .. :D

For Sale

Kinda basic starter set to collect for pursuing a proper Lamma-Life.


Property market was not sparkling at the very moment. However it looks like a rather fresh one.

Lamma village with the Power Plant Chimney

Still Life with the power plant. Can be one of the useful navigation systems applied to Lamma. The distance and direction from The Power Plant chimney as coordinate 0,0 :) (06:14 am)


Challenging these local kitchens / restaurants will definitely happen in the next Lamma post.

On the way to the school. (06:15 am)

On the way to the school. Life definitely been started on Lamma Island. (06:15 am)

IKEA is everywhere.

IKEA has spread to everywhere. But, Yo, still no McDonald’s kinda products around! ^^

Thai BBQ beer installation on Lamma Island

Hundreds, thousands of authentic mini ‘installations’ and traces of the real Lamma Life all around the villages. Real beauty to my eyes. Like opened book, we can read and reconstruct the socio-puzzles of the present and history of this area.

Lamma Street Art!

Lamma Street Art! Quite proper and may feel relevant. To me it may symbolize that every place has its pleasure and roughness, shiny and dark moments. We take and handle all of them thus maintaining the harmony of (Lamma:) Life..

Lamma grill closed on the early morning

Ok, arrived back to our guesthouse area, REALLY READY TO EAT / HUNT something… ;D (06:24 am)

Yung Shue Wan (Banyan Tree Bay) the ferry pier.

Yung Shue Wan (Banyan Tree Bay) the ferry pier, where everything starts..

Since Lamma is quite inspiring, we quickly developed (or re-invented?) the proper style that represents Lamma Lifestyle at it's best!

Since the area made us quite high, opened and inspired, we quickly developed (or re-invented?) the fashion-stream men’s wear that represents Lamma Lifestyle at it’s best!

Just catched some left-over from my dear partner and 'assistant', Katherine's plate. Look at these lights and color. It's obviously happening on an Island, okay? :)

Just catched some left-over from my dear partner and ‘assistant’, Katherine’s plate. Look at these lights and color. It’s obviously happening on an Island, okay? :)

Lamma Island property, residental apartmants in the rich flora and fauna.

Idyllic settings for a Life somewhat different from the Life that we can pursue in Hong Kong. Lamma Island property residental apartmants in the rich flora and fauna.

Farm, garden on Lamma Island. Life is Slow here but sure.

Local farm. For sure. On the List. Next time we ‘harvest’ and taste it. It’s mandatory to do that. Life is Slow here but at least Sure! ;D

According to Katherine it is a (weird) funny game for cheap. Some generations ago it was quite popular in the developing Hong Kong area. (Probably all over south-east asia, and God knows where else..)  You put some glue on the end of your straw, then gently blow as big glue-bubble as you can. Then you'r Cool.-

According to Katherine it is a (weird) funny game for cheap. Some generations ago it was quite popular in the developing Hong Kong area. (Probably all over south-east Asia, and God knows where else..) You put some glue on the end of your straw, then gently blow as big glue-bubble as you can. Then you’r Cool.-  Hm, in the other parts of the world people ‘play’ quite different kind of ‘games’ with the glue and nylon bags…

Sok Kwu Wan (Rainbow Bay) through the famous 'Glue-Bubble' muhhahah

Sok Kwu Wan (Rainbow Bay) through the famous ‘Glue-Bubble’ muhhahah

Hearth with a cane. Lamma-ese nuschool street art ;D

Hearth with a cane. Lamma-ese nuschool street art ;D

Sunset at Yung Shue Wan (Banyan Tree Bay). So this place is about 30 minutes away from Hong Kong Central Pier.

Sunset at Yung Shue Wan (Banyan Tree Bay). So this place is about 30 minutes away from Hong Kong Central Pier ! ..

On the way back To the city. We are passing by perfectly shaped Islands.

On the way back To the city. We are passing by perfectly shaped islands. (Maybe in a next next chapter..? :)

Can i not chill my mind by cruising between these creations of Mother Nature?

Can i not chill my mind by cruising between these creations of Mother Nature?

Leaving Lamma with a lot of unfolded corners, unanswered – however not only rhetorical – questions, un-trampled pathways and unseen sunrises, makes the place a must to commute back more times and investigate the area in-dept with all the possible senses and opened-mind. God Bless Lamma and it’s existence. Prepare to the next round La!

Happy end,  happy continue.

Happy end, happy continue.